I have been working in a small factory for sixteen years.
Therefore, I know the importance of analog manufacturing skills very well.

Recently more and more small factories in Japan are closing their doors due to lack of business.
The trend is more evident among those who lack computerized systems (=digital technology).

I have been working in a small factory for 16 years, feeling a sense of danger that analog manufacturing skills are disappearing from Japan.

As a matter of fact, analog manufacturing cannot compete with digital technology in terms of efficiency.

However, fully utilizing our five censes and bringing out 120% of our ability, analog skills can create something that is artistically subtle in a way that science can't capture.

Digital technologies・・・
It is precise but it doesn't exceed our expectation.
Analog skills・・・
Its potential is unlimited.

I firmly believe that the human analog skill can surpass digital technology.

Analog skill involving creativity, ingenuity, patience, are the core strength and value of the Japanese manufacturing industry and its innovation power.

This is why I became to realize the importance of the Japanese analog manufacturing skills and started thinking to deliver our values to the world.

Through Delivering Japanese Values
We will re-vitalize Japan and create a bridge to the future.

Japanese factory owners and craftsmen transferring their skills and experiences that they have been developing for decades to young people overseas who had little opportunity of learning before.

While large corporations are already developing business overseas, we would like the small factory owners to develop their overseas business as educators as well.

We connect Japanese craftsmen and young people overseas who need to acquire those skills.
We will start from training analog manufacturing skills of Japanese small factories to people who otherwise have little chance getting a job.

We will then create a system providing new jobs for them, in turn, which they can eventually manage on their own.

Our company name ”TOMONARI” is my family name and at the same time it means ”building up with friends”

We will respect each other’s culture and work together. Small factory owners, craftsmen, trainers, trainees, seniors, youths, small companies, and large companies, regardless of country.

TOMONARI will provide opportunities, places and systems as their hub.

”Delivering Japanese Values" is our mission.

April 4, 2014
Fumi Tomonari